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It contains a robust set of utilities that makes developing Forms based applications easier and faster. There are five utilities that ship with this version of FormsMate; Find, Template, Destroy, Compare, and XML Export. Find allows users to quickly search multiple forms quickly and easily. Search criteria includes items, triggers, program units, blocks, etc... Want to drop a column? Use this component to find out if it's used. Template allows users to quickly give all your forms the same look and feel, copy/reference common Visual Attributes, Common Toolbars, to all existing forms. Destroy allows users to delete blocks, triggers, visual attributes, etc. Compare allows user to compare two forms to identify differences. XML Export allows user to export forms to XML.


FormsMate was designed to aid Oracle Forms development and maintenance. Search hundreds of forms at a time, find all instances of a search string. Have to change 300 forms, got all day? Copy/Reference that new visual attribute, block, trigger in all your forms in a matter of minutes. Doing some house cleaning, drop down lists make it selecting items a snap. Need to remove old code from all your forms, with FormsMate it's only a few keystrokes and sit back and relax. Are't sure what has changed between version? Which program is the latest version? Quick, easy and reliable compare.


Jockvale specializes in designing and building accessible sites with web standards and technologies. Jockvale Consulting Ltd is an Canadian consulting Firm, based In Ottawa Ontario. Founded by Kevin Laushway, Jockvale specializes in developing web based solutions. Mr. Laushway has over 20 years experience developing Oracle based applications. For the last 9 years Kevin has been developing Web based applications, his clients include the National Library of Canada. Download my Resume to see my complete work history.

Feel like dropping us a line, send your emails to Kevin Laushway, we would be glad to hear from you.